Sunday, March 2, 2008


Tonight was another light day....   Delta is doing his jigsaw puzzles over and over like crazy.


The only "school" type thing was something I tried on teaching printing....  I gave him a piece of paper with something written on it, and then put tracing paper over it.  I showed him how if he copies the printing, he is making a "print picture".    He gave it a go (at first he was trying to copy it below - but I want him to trace for now....   and he did a good try when I showed him what I meant....)


Next time, I will print it even bigger than I did.   I did it at about a font size 18  - I think maybe a 24 or 26 would have been easier.


Oh, and what did it say?   "Happy Birthday Daddy".  (It is daddy's birthday tomorrow.)   He then coloured a bit under it - and Echo coloured a regular page....

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