Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Swim Lessons

Violin lesson went ok today (it is normally Tuesday, but was moved for this week....). Delta wasn't the most co-operative, but did get a couple of things done. He doesn't realize how close he is to being able to start really playing the violin - which is probably a good thing..... but is frustrating to me to see the stuff that Miss A is ready to teach him getting pushed aside because he's "tired"....

The afternoon was our "Y" swimming lessons. Because I can't move around the little pool anymore for the Parented-Little Dippers class with Echo, I had asked Delta's teacher if Echo and I could join his non-parented Little Dippers in the big pool. She would be in a life jacket (his class is just in life-belts now....), and I'd be there with her - as she is a year too young. Even though his class is really big now, he was fine with it. I'm happy as that meant I didn't have to pull Echo from swimming yet (which I will when the baby comes.... no babysitting at that time of the day!) She did great - she did a front float (in the life jacket) with me holding with 1 hand only. A back float with her head on my shoulder - looking for "cats" on the ceiling.... she did lots of jumps, and when they went in the little pool she did good with Simon Says. She didn't do everything the class was doing - I took her off to the side when she was fussing, and we also did more jumping into the pool while the class was sitting quietly (again, over to the side) - but the teacher afterwards said that we weren't too big a distraction, and no problems! Then to finish up the phys-ed.... I was taking them to the big play structure in the Y - and they had the big bouncer still up in the gym! So they did a lot of bouncing, and then a little while in the play structure.

Finally printed up more cards for reading - 20 more. Delta and Echo were really excited, and I showed Delta what a bunch of them said.... ("the", and then the letter "H" with a lot more words added with the sounds he knows. We were going to play after supper (they were finishing eating supper when I was printing them.) However, I had to get a few things ready for Mike....... and while I was doing that, Delta took a bag of chips (mine) and was hiding under Echo's bed eating them. It took me a while to realize what he was doing there too. So he got sent straight to bed. Echo and I did play both "blocks" and "Ledges".... I added the sound "C" makes, and added the word CUP. She seemed to handle it well - and she did the entire blocks game too. Delta is looking forward to playing tomorrow.

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