Friday, March 14, 2008

Schedule thoughts

Ok - here are my thoughts on schedule.... don't have them in order for each day or anything....  Setting each "class" as about 10 min.....  Most PE is doing a dance time, or wiggle time type activities between classes....


Monday:  Reading Program, Writing, Music, Scripture Story, Scripture Mastery, PE (wiggle time)  and in the evening FHE.   Aprox time not including FHE or reading program  is 0:35


Tuesday: Phonics, Story Read, Math, Scripture Mastery, PE (wiggle time).  Violin Lesson,  Nature Time (outdoor time).  Aprox time, not including Violin Lesson, is 1:25


Wednesday: Phonics, Story Read, Writing, Music, Scripture Stories, Scripture Mastery, PE (Swim lesson, play at Y)  - Aprox time, not including swimming and Y is 0:55


Thursday:  Phonics, Story Read, Math, Music, Scripture Mastery, Nature Time, PE (wiggle time)  - Aprox time is 1:35


Friday:  Phonics, Story Read, Writing, Music, Scripture Stories, Scripture Mastery, Nature Time, PE (wiggle time) - Aprox time is 1:45


Saturday:  Phonics, Story Read, Violin Lesson, Scripture Mastery, Nature Time, and 1 time per month, kids workshop (woodworking) - aprox time, not including violin lesson and workshop, is 0:55



Math - mostly doing puzzles, (He already does puzzles that are around 75 pieces...) playing with Lego - maybe a bit of work on counting - stuff on reading time...  

Nature Study - go out and play!   Collect leaves, flowers, look for animal tracks, etc. 
PE - 30 min swim lessons each week....  on some days we will probably go to the Y to play.... - Wiggle/Dance time!


Other - Art, etc, done on their own.   Also, he will be a member in Traditional Scouting, so there will be crafts, outdoors stuff, games, some work on safety/helping, etc....

Any Comments??? 

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