Monday, May 25, 2009

Who is Who

I am the step-mom of 3 adults, and the mom of 3 children.  I am also a grandma, and will become a grandma again in a few days (give or take, of course.)

To keep a level of security and anonymity, I am using code names.... and decided to simply use the international phonetic alphabet.

  • Alpha is my oldest step-son.  He is 25 right now, and lives in another city.
  • Bravo is my oldest step-daughter.  She is almost 24, and lives nearby.  She is the mother of the grandchild, and is the one expecting.
  • Charlie is my other step-daughter.  She just turned 19, and lives with us.

  • Delta is my oldest son.  He is 5 and a half.
  • Echo is my oldest daughter.  She is 3.
  • Foxtrot is my youngest daughter, who just turned 1!

My  Grandchildren:  (starting from the end of the alphabet...)

  • Zulu is my oldest grandson.  He turns 6 in about a month.  (yes, my grandson is older than my oldest children....)
  • Yankee is the expected grandchild, who has been declared to be a girl.  

Hope this helps!

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