Friday, March 28, 2008

This and That

Did violin practice, read some of the next chapter in "House at Pooh Corner".  


I did some research, and have ideas for starting a leaf collection with evergreen, etc (Delta wants to do a leaf collection - and there won't be leaves here for a few months!) 


Delta also did more puzzles...


I also got the scripture memorization cards made up  (I'm using the scriptures that were in the January 1998 "Friend" for kids to memorize....  - I figure that if they picked out 12 scriptures they felt would be good for kids to memorize that year - well that is a good selection for us!)  - and we started memorizing one of them.  I also have my "scripture mastery box" setup.     I figure it might take quite a while to memorize it (heck, Delta will probably memorize it before I do....) - but it isn't like there is a big hurry!


I think that that was it....


Echo "played" on the organ a lot today, but nothing really "formal"

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