Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Good Lesson

Today:  "Baby circle" - so the kids got to play in the babysitting.... apparently they were in the gym and Delta said something about riding a bike (probably a trike), and something about Echo having a LONG turn with a car - so I'm thinking one of those cars that you move around with your feet....  so that counts for PE???

Violin lesson for Delta.  He did great - was very focused, and pretty much had the whole 30 minutes!   He is doing good with his violin hand in playing position (just has to practice not "cracking the egg"  (ie, having a spot between his palm and the violin neck that an egg could be in....).   His bowing on his shoulder is good too - so soon he will be playing!!!  YEAY!   (ok, this is taking longer than I had thought - but I know he is learning to do everything RIGHT the first time.....)


Went to the bookstore with Delta - looked through the options in the learning to read by myself type area - there are a number of options - but didn't see anything that I quite liked....  so will hold off a bit I think on that.  I think he needs to be better at working out the individual words before trying to actually do it with a book - and he just doesn't have enough words yet.   Will just continue reading him stories.  I had picked out a couple of books that I thought he would like - but he had a tantrum when it was time to go (he was playing with the train table while I was looking around....  and I don't think he liked my choice of books either....) - so I ended up not buying anything and carrying him out myself while he screamed.  Oh the joy!   hm - I think a tantrum happened the LAST time I took him to a bookstore too - probably about a year ago!!!


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