Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Still more Cards

Well, the morning was crazy, and the afternoon was "baby circle" - so a busy day.


I got Delta a new puzzle - he had it done fairly fast, although it was a harder 24 piece than his other ones.  (he does some bigger puzzles.... so go figure....)  


Violin practice went ok - and Echo and Delta played Ledges.   I had Echo doing CUP, PUP, U, and P..... even though she hasn't done "C", she recognizes CUP ok.  It is funny though, when it is Delta's turn she is pointing his out - but her turn she says "where is it?", and "this one?"  LOL.   But she always gets them right.     Delta did his words fine too - and again I had him read through all the cards.   I've got to make more up, as he seems past the little block he had.  He doesn't seem to do that great at blending still though.... so I worry that maybe he is just memorizing the words....


And again today while driving, he was asking what all the signs say, which is great but very distracting while trying to drive!


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