Saturday, March 8, 2008

Home Depot Crafts

Today was busy - fairly light on homeschooling in some ways....


Group Violin lesson - then off to Home Depot for their Kids Workshop.  Delta and Echo each made an art caddy/ tool box. 


Then this evening, Delta was counting toy dinasours on me.... then hid one and asked me to count them.  So I said, ok, you had 8 dinasaours, and you took away one.... how many do you think we have left?  He didn't know.... so we counted.  Then I said.... so you had 8, and you took 1 away.... and that left 7.   So he hid another, and we did it again.... and again... all the way to zero.  (once we hit 3, he knew the answers....)    So he went, grabbed more dinasours, and we did it again from 12.  Once we were done (and he helped count them) I said that was enough for me.   But there you go, a totally impromptu math lesson totally led by him - because I noticed the opportunity

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