Friday, February 29, 2008

More Review

Delta seems to have gotten his interest back in puzzles - he has done several (over and over) the last couple of days.    Echo isn't wrecking them as much on him either.... although she sometimes does. 


Did the blocks game - for Delta just gave him the letters  A, T, and C to do.  (he didn't want to play - didn't want to yesterday either because he "doesn't know it") - he was more interested when it was just the letters - I think it was a good review.


We then did the ledge game......  and I'd ask Delta for one of his words, and most of the time Echo would point to it!   But when I'd ask Echo for one of her words, she'd say "where is it?" before picking it out.  LOL.     They both definitely find that game easier.


The author of the book I got this all from does mention that children this age will sometimes go from seeming to know something really well, and then suddenly won't seem to know it at all - that it is normal because they learn differently than adults do - but it still seems wierd.


Anyway, we all had a good time with the short games again - so hopefully we will be getting back on track.   The whole concept of "blending" definitely takes a while for them to get!

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