Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Year

Well, the new year is going pretty good so far. We took a break during Christmas from practicing - so it did take a few days to get the practicing going again. Some of the practices are going good, some aren't.

Delta has had 2 individual lessons so far. Miss A is happy with how well he can hold his violin - but Delta is balking with the bow hold. I think Miss A was about to teach something new, but then had to do a few adjustments with Delta, so we haven't really done anything new yet. I have been moved on to the Twinkle Theme - and am having to play with the whole bow.... and using the bow speed to change the note length. It is amazing how much more there is to think about to play properly using more of the bow!

We have had 1 group lesson so far, and that went good. We are in a different room for a couple of months - it is a lot harder to get to in the building. It is where they do the Piano group - as it has 10 electric pianos in it! Group lesson went well, and Delta had the opportunity to place the bow on various strings - trying not to make a sound. We also learned how to have him hold the violin, and then the parents play the rhythms for them with the bow. The child gets to hold onto the parent's hand, so that they can move their arms, and feel how it all feels.