Wednesday, March 26, 2008


So far today - the main thing we have done so far today is swimming lessons. Echo did great, she was actually swimming - with a life jacket - with me just making sure it didn't flip her over... on her back she did it a minute or so without me holding her at all! Delta was doing great too - I'm sure he swam the 5m on his front with no aids.... so I suspect all he needs to do for level 3 of lil'dippers is to be able to swim 5m on his back with no aids!

Well, I need Wednesday afternoons free now - for a program where the kids can run around doing stuff (supervised) in the gym, while I relax, drink hot chocolate, and do stuff like scrapbooking etc. Really highly needed right now! (something for mommy!)

So..... I found out when the swim teacher Delta has (who is EXCELLENT) does other classes - and there is only 1 other lil-dipper..... and well, it is full. So I expressed my concern at the desk that because he is pretty much done the level 3 of lil'dippers, that I really don't want him a class that go in the kid pool and do nothing all the time. Anyway, they said that if he is doing well, because he is 4.5, if I want we can register him for Otters (+5) and see how it goes. I really debated on it - but I know the Otters level is very similar to the level of lil-dippers that he is doing - and it means that he would be definately still working in the big pool. So I decided to try it out. (He did otters once in summer in a life jacket....). Unfortumately of course, the 5+ stuff is all late afternoon/evening. So he is signed up for Friday at 4:30.... it is a quieter day for us, a "slower" day for swim lessons at the Y (so the class is more likely to be small) - and it should work. On the weeks that Mike works, it will be a bit of a rush - he will have to get up probably before we go.

Also - I've taken Echo out of swim lessons. I don't like to, as she is doing so well - but she needs me to be with her still...... and honestly I can't do it anymore. I'm having fun getting out of the pool! (mind you - apparently they have a chair that will lift someone out of the pool..... so I'd only die of embarassment instead!) So that is going to be fun, having her be upset because she wants to go too....

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