Friday, March 7, 2008


[asked if I'm planning out lessons]

I'm still kind of new to it all - I have ideas in my head....


I'm doing the reading based on "Teach your child to read in 10 minutes a day"....  it is a little bit of a lst-minute decision on which of the couple of games to play - but it is structured as to the order of the letters and words.   I'm probably not doing enough stuff on having them search for the letters in print....


The writing that I've started with him yesterday is partly based on another book by the author above....  he basically teaches to print or write by having them trace good samples.  With that, I've taken the idea from the internet to do cursive first instead of second (although the author above teaches cursive about 2 months after print....)  and I found on a website a great teaching cursive font so I can pick what to have him write.   I'm using the Charlotte Mason method of doing CopyWork - so instead of repeating letters or words over and over, the things he will be writing will have meaning.   I'm going to be using stuff like "I am a child of God" and stuff like that for short ones.


Swimming Lessons and Violin Lessons, and the cool reading/art program we are in for free are all scheduled - and for the moment I'm trying to keep that as being about it.  (oh, and my "baby circle".)   In Fall, Delta will be starting Otters in a traditional Scouting program (not Scouts Canada - that would be beavers...).


So far, everything else is winging it - he does puzzles or legos when he wants to, he counts his pennies, etc..... but by Fall I want a bit more structure in place.  I'm planning to have about 60 min a day worth of school stuff for Delta, in about 5-10 minute subjects....     and I'm leaning towards the Charlotte Mason methods.


For math, I'm planning to be doing mostly just counting, and some work on Time subjects and Money subjects - no real curriculum.  My author has suggestions for teaching addition and subtraction (and multiplication and division too!) - but we will see how the counting and quanity concepts go....

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