Monday, March 24, 2008


Kids slept in until 9:00 today (and as they wake me up.....). Our painting program starts at 9:30 - so I had them get dressed, and we ate Tim Hortons (Bagels) for breakfast in the car. We were still a bit late, but not a big deal. They were painting a "Butterfly Garden" on paper on the wall when we got there - kind of a combo finger painting and cookie-cutter painting thing. Then they did "corn-syrup" painting (with hands - but Delta needed a paint-brush - he doesn't like the feel...) on paper plates, that were hung up to make a large caterpillar. Then the story time. Then they made butterfly prints with their feet - well I started brushing the paint on Delta's feet, and he didn't like it, so he didn't do it. Echo did it though, it just tickled her feet. Anyway, even though I wasn't really doing a lot, I was just exhausted by the end of it.

Then while getting ready to go out, Delta was swinging around a plastic (thank goodness) coathanger, and hit one of the girls with it by accident. I had him apologize, and was trying to get him to stand and look at me while I talked to him about it, and he was doing everything to avert his eyes etc, and then slid down, and hit his chin hard on the chair I was sitting on (took some skin off) and so was crying hard.... and then by then I was crying because it was all I could take. Anyway, the program facilitator walked us to the car after everyone was gone to help, and I drove home and woke up Mike and made lunch. (hm - hard boiled easter eggs anyone?)

Once Mike got up, we cleaned out the fridge, and I went to bed. He woke me up when supper (a turkey dinner - the turkey wasn't thawed enough yesterday....) was ready. It was an excellent supper. The kids had put all their toys into a huge pile (they were playing garbage truck I guess....) so after supper I went and watched as they cleaned it up.

So - we didn't do violin practice - which will probably be a problem tomorrow at the lesson....) and we didn't do any reading, or organ or anything. And I'm exhausted. And I don't think Mike was impressed that I went to bed....

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