Monday, May 26, 2008

Another Quick Note

Today we did violin practice, and I read part of "A House at Pooh Corner" again.  Kids also went to their Monday morning program - today was "5 little ducks".

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Had Help

Had a wonderful Young Adult call to see if I could use a hand today - she came over and helped for about 8 hours!   She took Delta and Echo outside for a bit so they could get some energy used up, and also helped out with Foxtrot some too....


I had Echo do scriptures and reading cards.  Delta did the new sentences he is working on.  His reading is REALLY coming along now.  He is figuring out new words a lot better, and is recognizing familiar ones faster too.


Also, Delta practiced the violin yesterday (and so did I.)  I meant to do it again today - will have to tomorrow.   And fortunately, Foxtrot can sleep through a practice... probably from hearing it before birth.....

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Quick Note

did sentences with Delta - new ones.... with new rules.


Echo did cards


They got to run around at the Y


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Had the Baby!

Charlie did cards a few times with the kids, and I've done a few....

Right now, the kids are getting a lot of human anatomy lessons - especially about the umbilical cord / belly button. Echo is having trouble with the concept that Foxtrot is the baby that was in my tummy.... but of course that is to be expected. Delta understands it a bit better.

We have had deer a number of times in our yard - actually one time (last week?) the kids were out front with Mike, and Delta was allowed to go to the backyard to get a ball or his trike or something - and there was a deer back there.... the deer startled and ran past him to get out of the yard (pretty much the only exit) - fortunately the deer didn't charge him, and he wasn't frightened by it.

I'm also impressed with how much nature you can find in the city - we were downtown the day I was in labour, and we got to watch a woodpecker. We also got to watch another bird right above us - that Mike had a conversation with...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Obviously haven't been doing too much the last little while 


Yesterday we went to our Monday program - it was making rainbows.  Kids had a good time....   They made rainbow cookies (dough was already made, not sure what type - but added food colouring.... then they put different dough colours near each other, pressed down, and then used cookie cutters to cut out shapes - so there was a mix of colours on each cookie.)   They also made a rainbow in a jar - which I believe was just salt and food colouring - and they put in different colours in layers in a little spice jar.   I had hobbled to the bathroom - somehow Delta and Echo only made 1 between them (at least, that is all that I ever saw) - and it ended up being pretty much all blue.   oh well!


Last night I had them do the scripture mastery and the reading cards.... it was funny because I actually used it as a "If you get your jammies on right away, we will have time to do reading cards..."  LOL....     so bonus was they put their jammies on without a fight!    Anyway, I just had Delta do cards instead of sentences  (I didn't know where the book was, and figured a review would be good anyway) - and he did great with the cards..... he could read a lot of words without figuring them out, and did a much better job at sounding out the cards.    Echo was doing good too.



Today would have been Baby Circle (with running around time for them) and Violin lesson - but Delta got sick this morning, so it has mostly been a TV day.  SIGH.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A bit of stuff

Managed to do violin practice with Delta today...   This afternoon was also my "Time for Mom's" program, so the kids got to run around outside all afternoon with the babysitters at the program.  (and we had a "spa" day to celebrate mother's day too - so that was nice.... good food, etc.)


Did the scripture mastery with the kids - but didn't go to the effort of doing reading cards....

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fire Drill

Yesterday the kids had our little Monday program - Lil' gardeners is finished - yesterday it was a Frog thing....  They had a good time.....


Today it was baby-circle, so they were in babysitting.  There was a fire-drill, (pain for me having to waddle out!) - so Echo has had her first fire-drill ever.  They also got to play outside, so that is always good.


Delta had his violin lesson.  Again he is doing good considering how little practice I am managing to get in.   The main problem is his confidence level shrinks, so he gets all wiggly and doesn't co-operate that well....   But he did ok for a lot of it.   The teacher suggested that maybe his dad or someone could help him with some of the practices.....


They also did scripture cards - and Delta read about 7 or 8 silly sentences (it is still hard work) - and I did some reading cards with Echo.....

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Silly Sentences

Been doing ok so far.   Echo loves doing scriptures and cards - and I added the "I" sound (soft i) to her cards.


The other day Delta didn't want to do any sentences, but he said he would do 1.... well, I wanted to move him to the "silly" sentences, as I'm sure he is only half reading the others and half memorized them (which is common - but had to be sure he was good reading mixed case before I could go on to the silly ones....)  - well, he read the first one (with me making him read it, not just finish it wrong....) - and it was funny, so he laughed hard.  He read all 14 of the silly sentences!    He still has to work hard to figure them out, but he found it was funny, and so worth the work....