Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cursive First

Today is going great!


We started with the points game  (which has them making their bed, getting dressed, etc.) - which I have go right into Violin practice - which went well.    I then put on some good quick "dance" music so they could get their wiggles out.   


I've done some research, and have decided to teach Cursive writing before print writing.   I've downloaded a good learning cursive font, which when you do in a lighter grey, and put into "outline" is fantastic for tracing.  It includes the guidelines - which is nice, but I wish I had a version of the same one without as well....


So, I sat Delta down, and showed him how to trace it, including where to start, which way to go, and not to lift the marker until the end of the word.  I also told him what it says (because of course he can't read it yet.)   I was getting a little frustrated, and so was he while I was there - but I left him to it while I did reading with Echo.


The reading with Echo went great - she did about 6 of the block game, to earn 6 pennies.... using U, UP, and C.    Delta was done about the same time as she was - and I was impressed.   I think it is fantastic for his first attempt - especially his name (which I'm sure he has special feelings for!)


Then we set Echo up to colour, and Delta did reading.  He sure won't sit still, which frustrates me because it takes 4 times as long as it would....  but I was able to get him to do the whole 12 blocks for 12 pennies  (it is amazing what expressing doubt that he can do the whole thing - and then being very impressed when he does....)   He was doing "the", CAT, and H.   "the" and "H" were introduced last night, and CAT is one of the newer ones too, so it wasn't super easy....   


Now they are doing more dance "wiggle" time - and I may try to take them outside, it LOOKS nice out there for a change.....


So anyway, here is Delta's writing.   The top one was me showing him how.....  you can't really see the trace words on the scan.... I had them pretty light.

 [will add picture

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