Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More Letters

Well, I survived them being outside!


Tonight before bed, we went through all the cards I've printed up.... did all the ones I had done with Delta so far - and then added the next letter sound  "G"  (guh sortof) - and did the couple of cards I had printed with that - I've got to print more cards!   Delta is doing fantastic, wasn't getting confused or anything.   And I noticed that Echo was saying the sounds of letters that she hasn't done yet.... so may need to add the next letter and more words for her too.


Then we read a couple of lil' critter books.   I'm thinking I've got to find out my "Cat in the Hat" and "Hop on Pop" books - as Delta would know quite a few of the words in them....   He seems to recognized both upper and lower case letters have the same sounds, even though he is being taught with upper case only....


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