Monday, March 3, 2008

Interest Waning

Well, I tried to do the blocks game with just Delta (Echo is in quiet time) - but he only did 3 pennies worth, even though I had mostly easy cards for him.   I did get him to read all the cards I have printed though for a couple more pennies.   He seems to have it down again, although he still has trouble blending to get the word (which takes time.)    So I need to find/make-up another game that gets him reading the cards (instead of me saying the word and him finding the card, like in Ledges....)    Any suggestions?

Also, as he seems to have it all straight in his head again, I guess I'll print more cards, so he can learn the next step.... that might add some interest again. 


Violin practice was good - and he has been doing puzzles like crazy again!

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