Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ladybugs are out!

I figure we will do the AofF in a while.... most of the scriptures we are doing are a bit shorter.   I DO have to tape the kids saying them sometime.... it is so cute!


So today:  It was my babycircle day, so the kids were in babysitter (more PE!) - apparently they went outside for a while.   Delta had his violin lesson, and did great considering the lack of practice....  He would do better if we practiced, but he is doing great.  I'll try to get practicing again with him though.


We didn't really do any reading, although Delta was reading a book with me, and I had him figure out a number of the words.   


We went outside this evening - it was a beautiful day.  The kids played in the yard for quite a while.   They also found some ladybugs - Delta was upset at first (I have no idea who taught him to be scared of ladybugs - he was for a while last year, but I told him that they are our friends, and eventually had him even hold one....) - anyway, I reminded him that they are our friends, and they help our gardens, that they don't hurt - but maybe just tickle a bit.  Anyway, Delta and Echo spent a number of minutes looking at them.  (I hope they didn't hurt them, I was a little busy....)


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