Monday, April 14, 2008


Still worn out!


Morning the kids had their little gardener program - the facilitators are great, and let me get away with not doing much (because honestly, I'm having problems doing much!).   Unfortunately, one of the facilitators is there for a practicum for schooling - and this is her last week.     Anyway, they checked the grass that they are growing (I wonder if it is cat-grass....   it had definately started growing!)   They also got to repot a plant that will be a flower.   They had some other activities.   Echo was a bit clingy, I don't think she is feeling 100%, or is maybe feeling the changes that are coming up?


It was too windy to really go outside today....  and I was so tired.   I put Echo in a quiet time (she was acting so tired - but apparently did NOT nap...).   Delta was playing with his lego - and I napped a bit on the couch.   Delta turned his ambulance into another race car (took a picture).   He then tried to follow the instructions to put the ambulance together (without having totally taken in apart) - and did a GREAT job, except the ambulance door wouldn't fit.   I think there was only a couple of mistakes, but when I tried to fix it for him, I broke it a bit - so I rebuilt it a bit more than I might have had to....


This evening, I had a YW (well, she is 18 now) come and give me a hand.  She lives a couple of blocks away, and is really sweet.   Anyway, I was able to have Delta and I practice the violin, plus they got the toys picked up so the place isn't a TOTAL disaster.   We also gave them a bath - and I did the scripture mastery with the kids.  Delta has 2 of them memorized.... and I mean memorized better than I have it memorized!   Echo seems to have them down pretty good too.


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