Friday, April 11, 2008

Not a Good Day

Definitely not a good homeschooling day - I'm a bit sick today, and was doozing off all day - so it was a "multi-media" day for the kids. (basically they were half babysat by the TV, the computers, etc while I doozed on the couch on and off.) Delta had his first swim lessons in "Otters" at the Y - we will see how that goes. I took him, Echo was having a nap as she was tired and cranky - and Mike was getting up at that time.

Felt a little better in the evening - took the kids out and they cleaned up the flyers that had fallen out of our mailbox all winter - there are a few still frozen to the ground, but we got a whole big garbage bag full. Then they played tag, and I got out Echo's little push-car. So we got out into the yard at least.

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