Wednesday, April 9, 2008

So Far

So far today:


We did scripture mastery, and I'm feeling that we are getting somewhere, so I've added a new scripture.   So that will be 3 we are working on - the new one every day, and the other 2 every other day.....     I don't think Delta and Echo could recite them on their own, but they definitely seem to know them pretty good for a repeat after me thing....


I did reading cards with Echo, and focused on the new letter that she is getting confused, and she did a bit better.   We also reviewed the really early ones.


For Delta's reading cards, because he wasn't too eager, I went to the really simple stuff (the cards Echo is working on) - and doing the "I bet you don't know this one..." and being astonished when he got it easily.... so he enjoyed that, and did a lot of the easy ones.   Near the end, I just did the last letter sound that he learned, which he is having a harder time with - and about 2 words that used it....


We also did violin practice - and Delta did good at playing his violin.   Echo sure knows the names of the violin parts!

Oh, and earlier Delta and Echo was colouring - and Delta's colouring is becoming more and more that he is either drawing things, or drawing letters.  He wrote out Stop again - he likes that word.... and he drew a couple of "monsters" - and I could see the monster there.   Until really recently, he would just scribble, so it is kind of nice to see it progress into something.


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