Sunday, April 6, 2008

Light Day

Definately a light day.... We had Zulu staying with us overnight, so in the morning they played. After lunch, I had had enough, and so Mike took over, and I had a nap for a lot of the afternoon!

Later on, we went for a drive - we went by the waste water treatment plant (we went by a different one yesterday on our trip to Zulu....) - and so we had another discussion (a review) about it. We also discussed (not for the first time) the electricity towers.

Before bed, I got out the "Hop on Pop" book I had taken from the library, and Delta read some of it. I think he found it kind of cool that he could "read" some of it (although it was hard work....). And he had me read another book I had taken out. It is also a beginner reader - "The Bernstein Bears go Up and Down" - but I just read it to him. He took that one to bed with him....

We haven't practice the violin for days!!!

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