Monday, April 28, 2008

Wish I could memorize like that!

So - today's update....

Had our last day of lil' gardeners. It was definately interesting.... right now their little yards are in the back of the mini-van - darned if I know where we will put them!

This afternoon, Echo wanted to do cards - so we started with the scripture mastery. This is the first time Mike has been around while they have been doing them - and Echo said - word-for-word 3 scriptures with no prompting except the book name, and maybe the first word in the scripture. Mike had her do the first 1 three times because he couldn't believe it! I too am amazed, she has them better memorized than I do! Delta got 2 of the 3 right - on one he puts in part of another scripture.

Echo then did reading cards - she did some pretty good - some not. I don't think she is ready for more stuff yet. I really got to get it back more into games. Delta didn't want to do his sentences, but got me the House at Pooh Corner - but got distracted after a paragraph, so I didn't push it.

Again, I'm doing HORRIBLE at violin practice with Delta - it just seems like so much work at the moment.

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