Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Little Gardeners

I forgot to mention that yesterday they had their little gardeners program.  The "yard" that they are growing in a roasting pan is sure growing good.... they got to cut the grass with scissors.  They planted some parsley in a cup yesterday


Today they did the baby circle - babysitting.   The one group that generally does the babysitting was full today (a few new mom's with kids to be babysat happened, I think) - so they got to go with the nursery school class next to our thing.  They have done that a couple of times (when the one group were short staff due to illness, etc.)   It is kind of cool, as Echo is technically too young for the nursery school class, but they say she does great in there (at least with Delta there.)  They also got to go to the large muscle room - which is an indoor jungle-gym setup.   But apparently Delta prefers the other group....  oh well.


Today Delta also had his violin lesson.   It didn't go too badly considering how little practice we did last week.


These evening, we did scripture mastery again - the kids pretty much have all 3 quotes memorized!   I've got to get a bit better on them I think... LOL.     Echo did fine with her cards - but I'm not ready to add on to them as there is still some confusion now and then.   Delta did good with his sentances - except he is definately trying to memorize them, and figure out the first few words then just "quote" the rest.  (the book warns that that will happen - so after they are reading the sentences well, it has other "silly" ones that start off similarily, and then end differently.)    I had him do a couple, just to show that he can't be memorizing, or guessing.   I also had him do some of the sentences in lower case - which is where the program introduces them.   He did pretty good - he knows the lower case letters - although it was definately harder for him.    I'm not sure how it will work when we get to that stage with Echo, as the book really doesn't have much in it about switching to using both upper and lower case letters.....  and she won't be able to make the switch very easily.    But that is a while away.


That was about it!

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