Sunday, April 6, 2008



Did the reading cards with Delta and Echo, and the scripture mastery. It was cute, I started with Echo doing the new scripture we are learning (we now practice the one we sort-of have down every other day as well....) - and Echo was saying that she wanted to do "Moroni". (our first scripture is in Moroni....) LOL

I also stopped at the book and got a few books that Delta might be able to read on his own with my assistance.

Then we went to Zulu for a daytrip - and visited with Mike's sister.... and proceeded to get told that we need to stop (having kids) - and she also was not happy to hear that we are homeschooling. Mind you, this is the sister that is mad at us since about a year after Delta was born.... so whatever.... but still. Mind you, it was nice to hear Mike defending homeschooling instead of me. (well, we had a discussion with his brother and his fiance about it - but they were doing the whole discussing it like they are interested type of disapproval instead of the straight out saying we are wrong method.... you guys know?

Oh, and when we went outside yesterday, there was a fresh layer of snow - and Delta noticed right off there were paw prints right near our door. I thought they looked like mouse (they seemed pretty small to me) - but Mike said they were probably rabbit....

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