Thursday, April 24, 2008

Violin Concert

I feel like a lot of days I'm saying the same thing - but that is the way it is....


Today I took them to the Y - and they went into babysitting while I got to rest sore muscles in the swimming pool, and then just sit and relax a bit too.  They got to run around.  (Phys-ed - right???)     They then played on the big play structure.


I don't remember if I did reading and stuff in the morning or not - I don't think so.


But tonight was Delta's violin concert.   Echo wasn't happy (she stayed home with a babysitter - but after the Christmas fiasco with her.....)  I'll be writing more tomorrow, but the concert went great - Delta's class did everything just right, and it was really cute too.   We also got to stay to listen to all the music  (Music, and Music Appreciation!) - he seemed to like it better when the kids got into the songs he hears all the time on his CD.   (They had the cellists play, then Delta's class, then the other beginner class.   Then they had about 6 or so special numbers - then they do what is called a Play-off.  They basically play from the Suzuki repetoire - starting with some of the harder songs, and working their way back to the ones in the first book, all the way to Twinkle.  For each song, more students come on stage and join in.)

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