Thursday, April 17, 2008

More Reading

Kind of tired, so having problems thinking....   I did the scriptures with the kids again - I think they are memorizing them better than I am!   (probably because they can't read the card... lol).    Had Delta read some sentences from his book - he is getting better at everything.  Still sometimes doesn't blend well, but is blending a LOT better - and with the short sentences, he can figure it all out, and still know what the sentence was about.  With longer sentences (say about 5 words) he will lose what it was about - but that will improve.


Went through Echo's words too, and she is doing pretty well.  She remembered what her new letter sound was, and was doing well at blending.    Charlie was here (after being gone for over a week....) - and I think Charlie hasn't seen them read for a while....   and she was like "When did Echo learn G?"  "When did she learn H?"  etc.   I think Charlie was really surprised.


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