Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Busy Day

Tuesday is a busy day - we had the baby circle this morning (apparently one of the things Delta and Echo did in the babysitting is do some puzzles - they have me a picture)....

Tuesday afternoon of course is Violin lesson.


Before we left for Violin lesson (with Echo already in quiet time) - Delta wanted to play the "Money Game" - (the block game, with pennies as the reward....).   So I taught him "PUP" and off we went.   He didn't have any real problems - and noted that PUP was like PUPPET (I told him PUP was short for PUPPY, as I wasn't sure he knew that....)   So far he has 30 cents.


So tonight, I'll play the ledge game with both of them - with all 4 cards - and only ask the words from Delta - and see if Echo still has U and P worked out.  Tomorrow I might re-introduce UP with her - and add C for Delta.... 

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