Monday, February 18, 2008

Seperate Lessons

Had a session right this morning (kids wanted to play) - and it went pretty good - but I definitely will have to start teaching them separately I think.   We played the Blocks game ok - but Echo wasn't able to handle "UP".....  She was tending to want to say UP for all of the cards instead of reading what was on each card.  If I took out "UP", after a couple of tries she was doing good with just "U" and "P".   Delta was having no problems reading the cards - just having a problem with which card to start with (ie, what direction to go....)  - so I think I need to stick with just "U" and "P" with Echo for a while, but can probably add "PUP" for Delta.....


Not sure how much more we can do today - turns out that with no notice at all, I'm babysitting Zulu too....   I hate how the fact that I'm home all day makes it prone to being asked to babysit - but at least I wasn't the first person she tried to get a hold of....   (It is a holiday here, so her daycare is closed.... and she got a call asking if she could come in to work - and it would be worth time-and-a-half....)

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