Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Hm - didn't get to playing the games until near bedtime - and Delta just wouldn't sit still.   He also was doing worse at blending to make the word - and seems to have forgotten the sound "T" makes, even with repetition.    Then Echo was getting upset because she couldn't sit where she wanted (in the way) - although she was doing good with her words....   So I ended up stopping it early as I was getting frustrated.


I've notice that the blocks game seems to make them have to figure out the word a bit more  (ie, they have the card, and have to read it and say what it says...) where-as the ledges game has them more pick out the word from the various words after I say it....   We haven't played blocks for a while, and that might have been more the problem.


Will have to play blocks with them seperately, and backtrack a bit for Delta to get the T sound in really good.

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