Saturday, February 16, 2008


I have to admit that this bit of effort I'm doing so far hasn't been that bad at all.... The kids have been all for it, and although it is slow going (which this program says to take it slow) - I can see progress in just 2 days.

Evening game - well, let me first say that I wasn't sure I was in the mood to do it at all - the kids had been driving me crazy since about 4pm (too much pent-up energy I think) - and I'm a bit upset over something else.... but I took a big breath and asked who wanted to play the Reading game. Delta wasn't too keen on it, but I mentioned that it was really bedtime, and he decided he wanted to play, with the understanding that it was bedtime afterwards.

Anyway, a bit of review over the 2 sounds - still a touch of confusion, but not bad - and off we went. Echo almost always got the card right - just got to remind her to say what it says..... she a couple of times missed which character wanted the Delta made a few mistakes too - but not too many.

Once again, I didn't do the blocks game yet - I want to discuss with Mike about the "reward" in that game....

I honestly don't think that school would be a good idea for Delta. He really didn't like preschool this year before we pulled him - I don't think he likes that many kids around. He is bright, and he is a sensitive young man. Although he can play energetically and CAN get rough, it just isn't his basic nature.

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