Thursday, February 21, 2008


Didn't do much so far today - I had a dr. apt. that took all afternoon.   But in the morning, Echo washed the table (her idea) - and Delta, with some help from me, did a 100 piece puzzle that is pretty hard.  (I wasn't thinking when I bought it - it is a fire truck, but there is a reflection of it - so it makes it even harder!)


Delta has been able to do 24 piece puzzles for a year - but there is nothing really that I have seen between the 24 piece and the 100 piece.  There is a real gap there.


Anyway, I showed him how to find the edge pieces, and start with the edges.  That was a new concept to him.   Then we completed the sky (there wasn't much sky - so all the sky pieces would attach to the edge sky pieces....)  - and then we slowly worked through it.


So anyway - I think that counts for something anyway!

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