Friday, February 15, 2008

Second Homeschool Lesson

Well, the after-supper session went just as well....  Delta was disappointed we were doing the same letter, but was ok with a promise of a new letter sound tomorrow.  Delta has the game down pat (ie, the structure of it) - Echo has to be reminded to say the letter sound instead of just moving the card.   Again, they wanted to continue longer than I did - but I think it is important to quit while they still want to play - it keeps them interested for the next time.


I decided to hold off on the blocks game until they have 2 letters to do....  and I'm still deciding on the "incentive" with it.   The blocks game can have them do a LOT more repetitions of the sounds - especially later as they will have to do multiple words for each turn....   But you need something to "pay" them for as they play it....   I'm thinking of getting them piggy banks, and letting them earn pennies.    Little snacks are suggested in the book - but when I had tried that with Delta, it was too hard to get his attention away from the food!



Oh, and Delta is 4 and a half.  This program is designed for 2 years old all the way up to school aged kids having problems with their reading.  Most kids will be reading at more than a grade 1 level doing it about 10 min a day - within about 60 days.....    The older children do learn faster.  (ie, I'm sure if I was just doing Delta, I could have done both U and P today....  with tomorrow working on "UP")

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