Saturday, February 23, 2008


Another really busy day - but did do violin practice with the kids - and I also played the ledge game with them before bedtime.  Reviewed all the words so far with Delta - we have run out of cards that I've printed so far!!!  I need to print some more to continue with him!    He still sometimes has problems figuring out the blending - but is doing great.  His interest in what writing says is really high too (he was drinking a box of chocolate milk today, and was asking what each of the letter says....)  And is finding the words he knows around a lot more....


Tomorrow should be a lot quieter, so will be able to spend more time.


Echo seems to have U, P, and UP down - so to finish off, I showed her PUP.  I'll review that tomorrow with her, and see if she gets confused by it or not.


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