Saturday, September 8, 2007

More Practice

Well, Delta has been mostly happy to practice.... we have managed at least once a day.... occasionally twice. He is getting most of the parts of the violin right - is confused about the "tailpiece". I'm going to have to make a footboard for Echo though, as she keeps trying to go on Delta's - getting in the way! She wants to play the game too! Delta's favourited game in practice is singing the "A" note.... LOL. He seems to not like doing the bow at the end at all.

Yesterday we went to the local music store (all strings store) because I needed to get a new chin piece.... man stuff is expensive! We bought Delta his suzuki violin book 1. I haven't bought the CD yet (it is expensive), but I have a recording of Twinkle Twinkle variations, so should be ok for a bit... Apparently the chin rest on my rental violin was broken! Oh well.... For us to find something that was comfortable, I had to buy a sholder rest too. The sponge just wasn't working. I think we found a combo that will work, amoung the cheeper options.... so that is good! Of course, now I'm just going to end up having to buy a violin for myself... LOL.... but then one I buy would have a chin rest! ARGH. I also bought Rosin for the bow - so now we are set for a little longer...

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