Thursday, September 6, 2007

Finally - the First lesson!

2 days ago, it was finally the first lesson. Delta was so excited, as he had been eagerly waiting for them and asking each day. (3 year olds have little sense of time!)

Our individual lesson isn't too close, but it could be worse. We have a newer teacher, but she grew up in the program, and is certified. I think she got a lot of the new students, as the more experienced teachers are pretty busy already with returning students.

Oh - did I mention that a part of the program is that I have to learn to play too at this stage? I am renting an instrument from the suzuki program right now, so it was waiting there at our teacher's place.

The teacher started with Delta. She got out a piece of cardboard, which is his foot-board. She showed him 3 different foot positions, and drew around his feet. ("Resting Feet", "Smiling Feet", and "Playing Feet".) Delta had the biggest smile on his face! We have to practice going to the different feet positions at home. He will also take his footboard with him to group lessons when they start next month.

Next, Miss A (our teacher) played the "A" string on her violin, and sang "A". With a few tries, Delta sang "A" too. Not at the right pitch - but the main thing is that he sang it. Then we played a game. Miss A would sing "Where is the chin rest" (and she pointed to it, as this is new...) and Delta and I sang back "There is the chin rest" pointing to it. She went over various parts.... that is another thing for us to practice.

Then she had Delta practice his feet positions again, then we handed him the box violin, and she showed him "Resting position", and taught him that he must always use 2 hands with the violin. I think that will take a LOT of practice!

Then he learned how to BOW, and his part was done!

Then it was my portion of the lesson... I went over the feet position quickly, and then learned how to move the violin from resting position into playing position. Boy is playing position uncomfortable! I will have to look for a different chin rest!

That was it for the day!

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