Saturday, September 15, 2007

2nd Lesson

Well, the second lesson went well. It was obvious that we had been practicing! Delta was able to name all the violin parts, and was actually pretty close to being on pitch when singing his "A"... He is good with his feet positions too.

Now we learned how to put the violin into playing position.... that isn't easy! Unfortunately, as "daddy" has been home from work this week, we haven't been practicing this week!

With me, we went over a way to hold the violin slightly differently in the resting position, so that when I put it in playing position, it is quicker to be ready to play. It is a bit awkward... But Miss A had been impressed with how relaxed my hand was. She also put finger tapes on my violin, and I am to practice putting my fingers on them as if playing. Although this hasn't been a part of the lessons - I'm able to "peck out" Twinkle Twinkle.


Steph said...

Are you taking lessons with DJ?

I started out trying to take lessons with my daughter, but was having trouble finding practice time. I think I got through 3 Twinkle variations.

M. is on Minuet 3.

I found your blog when I tried to use "SuzukiMom" as name for a new blog.

Suzuki Mom said...

I am sorry I missed your comments before! Yes, I was taking lessons with Delta [originally the post called him DJ]. I learned all the way up to Twinkle Theme, and have self-taught up to "Go tell Aunt Rhody" so far.... I like the violin!

Sorry I took the name you wanted, and then didn't keep things up for a while!