Thursday, July 3, 2008

Good Day

We did good this evening!


They played "Ledges" - Delta could pick the words our right away (mind you, it was review for him) and Echo was able to figure them out (and got some extra practice reading the wrong choices....)


They then practiced their scripture mastery - Echo does better than Delta who tends to confuse some scriptures together.


Then Delta read 6 new sentences from the book - it introduced the sound x makes.   I then went ahead and asked what z says, and what qu says - and he knows them....  so should make the reading the next few days fairly easy.   He is doing better at blending out new words, but sometimes still needs me to help him - and I really don't think that he should....


I then gave Delta a "cars" book that no-one is going to read to him.  I think I made a bit of a mistake though.... I bought it as an impulse and a quick flip through.  It is a step 1 reading book - but I see now that with that set of books, step 1 is "getting ready to read" so is read by a parent.  I probably wanted a step 2 book which is for kids that can sound out some words.   So there are some tough words in his book (like bright and night....).  Oh well, it will be a challenge - but not TOO hard I hope.  I did tell him the bright and night words, but am not really helping him on the others.


Echo of course wanted a book too - but I explained that she will get her own book when she is at that stage of reading.  We then did some cards, and she learned what "s" says.    I then read her a "little critter" while Delta was working on puzzling out his book.


They then played the organ for a while - just playing on it of course.  (I haven't figured out how to teach them it yet!!!)    Then Delta told me that he couldn't play "Armagedon" (by Prism).  I told him I couldn't either!


So Delta knows the basic sounds that all the letters make.   I think we will do a lot of practice with them for a while - then the sentences get into the letter combinations etc....



Echo then wanted to do her car

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