Monday, July 28, 2008

Berry Picking

Today was berry picking day! We drove to a U-pick place.

The kids loved running around the strawberry plants, and did a great job picking. They ate a few, but they mostly picked pretty hard. We drove to a different place for raspberries. Delta didn't like picking the raspberries because some of the plants were prickly, and he didn't seem to like the taste much either. Echo had a little pail for the raspberries, and was picking quite a way down the row from me. She would get 2 or 3 in the pail and then run to empty it into my big pail. LOL. I don't know if she ate a bunch of those or not.

While picking the strawberries, Delta asked me what "that" was - pointing at a strawberry plant leaf. I told him it was a strawberry plant, but he said "no - this" I did manage to explain that it was the same plant that the strawberries were growing on.

We also bought some fresh peas - and I had the pleasure of showing Echo the treasure inside! She loved it and ate a bunch. Mike had shown Delta, and he ate some too. (Mike has shown it to him before, in a snow-pea, but the regular peas are much bigger of course.)

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