Sunday, May 4, 2008

Silly Sentences

Been doing ok so far.   Echo loves doing scriptures and cards - and I added the "I" sound (soft i) to her cards.


The other day Delta didn't want to do any sentences, but he said he would do 1.... well, I wanted to move him to the "silly" sentences, as I'm sure he is only half reading the others and half memorized them (which is common - but had to be sure he was good reading mixed case before I could go on to the silly ones....)  - well, he read the first one (with me making him read it, not just finish it wrong....) - and it was funny, so he laughed hard.  He read all 14 of the silly sentences!    He still has to work hard to figure them out, but he found it was funny, and so worth the work....

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