Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Had the Baby!

Charlie did cards a few times with the kids, and I've done a few....

Right now, the kids are getting a lot of human anatomy lessons - especially about the umbilical cord / belly button. Echo is having trouble with the concept that Foxtrot is the baby that was in my tummy.... but of course that is to be expected. Delta understands it a bit better.

We have had deer a number of times in our yard - actually one time (last week?) the kids were out front with Mike, and Delta was allowed to go to the backyard to get a ball or his trike or something - and there was a deer back there.... the deer startled and ran past him to get out of the yard (pretty much the only exit) - fortunately the deer didn't charge him, and he wasn't frightened by it.

I'm also impressed with how much nature you can find in the city - we were downtown the day I was in labour, and we got to watch a woodpecker. We also got to watch another bird right above us - that Mike had a conversation with...

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