Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Obviously haven't been doing too much the last little while 


Yesterday we went to our Monday program - it was making rainbows.  Kids had a good time....   They made rainbow cookies (dough was already made, not sure what type - but added food colouring.... then they put different dough colours near each other, pressed down, and then used cookie cutters to cut out shapes - so there was a mix of colours on each cookie.)   They also made a rainbow in a jar - which I believe was just salt and food colouring - and they put in different colours in layers in a little spice jar.   I had hobbled to the bathroom - somehow Delta and Echo only made 1 between them (at least, that is all that I ever saw) - and it ended up being pretty much all blue.   oh well!


Last night I had them do the scripture mastery and the reading cards.... it was funny because I actually used it as a "If you get your jammies on right away, we will have time to do reading cards..."  LOL....     so bonus was they put their jammies on without a fight!    Anyway, I just had Delta do cards instead of sentences  (I didn't know where the book was, and figured a review would be good anyway) - and he did great with the cards..... he could read a lot of words without figuring them out, and did a much better job at sounding out the cards.    Echo was doing good too.



Today would have been Baby Circle (with running around time for them) and Violin lesson - but Delta got sick this morning, so it has mostly been a TV day.  SIGH.

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