Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Raining at the Zoo!

Yesterday we had a great time....

The family (ie, Mike, the kids, and I) went to the zoo. Well, after we had been there a while, it started to rain lightly. We continued on a little bit, but then in started to rain a bit harder. So we worked our way (under trees) back to a shelter. It was kind of funny, because across from where we were sitting under a shelter, all the kangeroos in their fenced area where standing under a similar shelter.

So, we kept asking our kids to go out and see if it was still raining (it obviously was) - and basically encouraged Delta and Echo to go play in the rain for a bit. They loved it. So that was great, but then it was getting a bit colder and raining harder. I would have had us walk back to the car, except that poor Foxtrot would have gotten soaked too, even under a blanket. Mike took off the kids shirts, and dried them off with the 2 blankets I keep beside Foxtrot's head (I have a third that goes on her...). and fashioned the little blankets into a wrap-shirt type thing, so that made them warmer. (Mike had a plan before sending them out in the rain.) So we sit longer, and the rain is starting to slow down a bit.... when along comes a zoo person driving the covered tour trolley thingie. She asks if we want a ride to the gate (that is what they are doing) - so we get on. Rain still got on us some, but not TOO bad. It was cool, because she was driving around looking for more people, so we got to see a fair bit off the zoo at quick speed - all for free! Back at the gate, Mike takes the kids into the bathroom and puts the blow drier on them for a moment or two - then he goes and gets the van. We keep spare clothes in the car, so we had them change, and it was all good. (mind you, I was cold for a while, but oh well.)

The kids thought it was great! It is still raining this morning, and Delta wants to go play in the rain again!

I know it is kind of funny, but I kind of have a list of things I would like them to get to do this summer (it is in my head) - and playing outside in the rain is on my list

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