Friday, June 20, 2008

Playing the Game

Delta loves the snakes-and-ladders game, so that is a good practice.   I have to admit that tonight we didn't quite finish it (Delta was 2 squares away from the end....).   He was still going at it, but I was tired and frustrated....


Delta is still doing a lot of guessing instead of trying to read.  He is getting good at a lot of words, and he is doing pretty good at figuring them out.... including some pretty long ones....  but sometimes he will just say the word he thinks it is going to be when it is not even close to it.   ("has" instead of "went", for example....)


I'm also having a hard time not getting frustrated with Echo..... she knows all the letter sounds she has done so far - but her blending skills are gone.... she is trying to blend, but with sounds that have nothing to do with the word she is trying to read.  (generally, she is blending the word HOT or something like it.... no matter what.)   So she goes  "tuh   i (short)  puh    ......   awwwwwwe-t   ........ Hot! "    (by the way the tuh and puh don't actually have the "uh" sound.... just the cut off t sound....)    I know that she is very young and there is no rush - but she was doing it so well before, and I'm not sure how to get her to understand other than trying it over and over.  


Anyway - it is going..... I just need to continue to make it fun, and to step back when I get to frustrated...

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