Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wasted Lesson

Did ok today...


Delta had his violin lesson - but it was a giant waste of time because he wasn't co-operating at all.  Basically he did an opening bow, and his closing bow - and that was it!  And he is doing a solo on Sunday at a nursing home.... (patterns on open string...).   Normally if he isn't co-operating (and we have always been able to get him to do SOMETHING....) then the teacher has me do some stuff on my violin....  but as I had Foxtrot with us, we were trying to figure out the logistics of that....  as there is no place for me to really put her.  SIGH.  


Anyway - was able to have Delta do more sentences - and we reviewed the sounds for the next couple of letters introduced on the next sentences....    I also did the next letter with Echo - and practice the scriptures again.

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