Wednesday, October 3, 2007

More lessons, and the Group Lesson!

Well, things have been going pretty good. Delta is not being as co-operative with some parts of the lesson - mainly putting up the violin. We have backed off on that, and the lesson yesterday,Miss A had him "be the parent" and put the violin up for me. He seemed to like that! She also gave us a little plastic ghecko, that loves violins. So we are going to practice balancing the ghecko on the violin. We are just going to work on him helping me unless he wants to try it himself again.

We had the first group lesson last Saturday. It was pretty interesting. There are 7 kids in his group class, so that isn't too bad. Most of them were 4 (or looked 4.... I didn't find out for everyone...) - but there are 2 seven year olds in the class. It also looks like there are 6 boys and 1 girl in the class. I always felt that violin was a "girl" instrument (probably because my sister played it) - but had heard that it is a "boy" instrument - and it does kind of appear that way! Of course anyone can play it.... instruments don't really have a gender. The group lesson was a bit long - 50 minutes! Delta and most of the 4 year olds were losing attention after about 35-40 minutes. It was still good. They practiced doing a bow (parents clap if the all do it at the SAME time....), and they did their clapping patterns, and practiced putting up the violin, and a bunch of stuff. Delta did enjoy seeing the other kids. I think he was relieved that they were all about the same stage as him - I think he thought they would be able to play!

This is sure a long process! Delta hasn't even touched his pretend bow officially, or gotten even close to getting to use his real violin! I am seeing progress though, and I can see how some of the things they do will be used later. He does know all the parts of the violin, including the name of each string. He is starting to get a couple of the clapping patterns, which are used in the "Twinkle" variations when they learn to play them. He can sing the "A" note pretty much right on pitch. He has a cool bow, and is learning how to handle his "boxilin" better. He also for the most-part enjoys listening to the CD music. It can just be discouraging when we go to a lesson, and he isn't behaving that great. Miss A is fantastic with him though.

Charlie (Delta's older sister) went with us to his lesson yesterday - and played photographer. She took a few pictures, and a bit of video with the digital camera.... so that is helpful.

Well, gotta go!

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