Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stein Suppe

So today I told the kids the story of "Stone Soup" - a folk tale of a soldier who is hungry, makes it to a village where no-one has enough food to share, so he makes Stone Soup.... and everyone ends up contributing some food to make it just a bit better....

Anyway - my son said "So they made Stein Suppe"? (not sure of the spelling....)

It took me a moment to remember that Stein in German is Stone..... and that Suppe is Soup. I haven't been doing a LOT of German with the kids - but apparently some of the words are sinking in!


Paula said...

We have been doing a little German as well. What resources are you using? My German isn't very good (French is better) but my parents are living in Austria and I have visions of the kids getting to use the language when we go visit...my 5 year old loves the German through fairy tales books and recordings--really silly, but they do learn some vocabulary.

Suzuki Mom said...

Hi Paula!

My husband spent 7 years in Germany with the Canadian military (and his first wife was German) - so he is fairly fluent, although a little rusty. I tried to convince him to talk to the kids in German only - but he wouldn't go for it. He did agree to teach them however - and has taught them to count to 10, and a few words and phrases.

When I go to the downtown library (which has other language resources) I pick up a couple of learn german CD's / VCR tapes for children, and a couple of picture books. I'm mostly guessing.

I also was given (free!) an older Powerglide German course for children. Delta has done a couple of lessons, but they seemed really long at the time. A few weeks ago, I was using the computer to copy the tapes to mp3's, so that I can make CD's for the car, or otherwise have more control - and Delta spent a LONG time doing the exercises while the tape was playing.... including the little bit that mentioned "Stein". We will be using this program more regularly starting in the fall.

I also downloaded an old book "My very first little German Book", for my husband to read to them - and am looking at the librivox German stories.

I'm open to any suggestions!