Thursday, November 29, 2007

This and That

Well, it has still been an interesting experience with lots of ups and downs. Delta has earned his bow (a week ago) - and was so close to earning his violin. Unfortunately, he totally refused to do anything at lesson this week. I was about ready to cry again - the weather here was so bad (a snow-storm the day before) and it was so cold, and I took him to the lesson..... he was happy to be there - then ended up not doing ANYTHING.

Miss A talked to me after he was done - had him look at books in another room because I was clearly at the tears point. He really is at the same basic point as her other students (although some of the kids with different teachers are a bit further) - which really is amazing because of all the challenges he has been giving. She knows he can do everything he has been taught so far (really, he is learning very quick.) She figures it is basically a form of perfectionism and performance anxiety. He doesn't want to do things because he is worried that he will make a mistake. Especially if he thinks that it is important. She has sent me via email some thoughts and ideas.

Yesterdays practice went really well - I kept it low-key and short, trying to keep totally positive - and he co-operated great - did a fantastic bow hold and held it - and put up his boxillin properly and held it. Today's practice he wasn't as keen, so I also kept it short, and just did stuff that he knows really really well and likes to do.

His first concert is in about 2 weeks - he and a few other kids will be doing "Up like a rocket-ship" with the bow I understand. Some of the other beginners (mostly older) will play the open "E" string in the "Manitoba Hot-Dog" rhythem.... which I have heard elsewhere called the "E-string concerto".

It is frustrating - but he is learning. It is so hard not to focus on where I want him to be.

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